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Having had an exciting career in IT, it was time to start another passion, creating original home decoration objects using concrete as the material.
Interesting material  to discover is the use of cement combined with other components such as sand, aggregates and water to obtain concrete. But there are a multitude of other components that can be added such as fibers, pozzolans and other elements to different degrees. A whole world to discover because so many compounds make it possible to obtain different characteristics of fluidity, appearance and molding for what is generally called concrete.
Concrete has been used since Roman times, but it was in 1824 that an Englishman patented what is known as “Portland” cement which is produced from a mixture of heated limestone and clay. at high temperature. With new advancements in cement chemistry, I am using "calcium sulfoaluminate"  for my creations. 
Concrete makes it possible to create objects other than bridges, sidewalks and house foundations, for example: It is colored, we can give it texture to make vases of different size and shapes, candle holders, trays and a multitude of other pieces according to our imagination. In craftsmanship, it's a bit like wanting to make a soup where you know the characteristics you want but you have to determine the recipe by multiple trials.
I have a lot of ideas for objects that I want to produce, so this site will illustrate my learning of this medium.

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